Latest Cameras - Black Friday and Cyber Monday Camera Deals 2018

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Camera Deals for 2018

We have found the best camera deals for you this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Don’t miss out as these are all LIMITED TIME deals and stock is flying out!! 360 Cameras Kodak PixPro VR 360 4K – 22% OFF Samsung Gear 360 4K – 48% OFF Kitvision 360 Duo with Tripod & Cardboard 1080P – 53%

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tz100 vs lx15

Panasonic LX15 vs TZ100 (LX10 vs ZS100)

As an amateur camera user, I was looking for a mid-range camera with video recording and a decent zoom option.  The RX100M5 was out of my price range and did not have all of the features I was after.  Two cameras stood out, the Panasonic Lumix LX15 (LX10 in some markets) and the Panasonic Lumix

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panasonic tz100 battery

TZ100 recommended accessories

As an amateur or hobby photographer, I was looking for a flexible use camera, not too big and not too basic.  The TZ100 is the camera I purchased, read my review of the TZ100 to find out why I chose it over the LX15. There are several accessories I purchased with the camera and shortly

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How to Improve My Product Photos

How to Improve My Product Photos

Have you ever asked yourself, how do I improve my product photos?  Good product photos sell, don’t take my word for it, there is plenty of research out there proving this.  Product photography plays an essential role in the success of any business, but particularly for e-commerce stores. One study revealed that 93% of consumers consider

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How to clean a camera lens

Dust from a camera is inevitable and difficult to avoid. The dust ends up on the lenses and therefore requires to be cleaned as soon as possible. However, there are other substances that may get in your camera, these include: food, oil from your fingers, or any other substance that may be picked outside might

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outdoor video tips

Outdoor video recording tips

Outdoor lighting is something that always changes. The sun is always moving, clouds appear and also the rain is experienced different times of the year. These all affect the camera settings when taking outdoor video. Therefore to properly shoot the video outside you need to arm yourself with reflectors, diffusion panels and some items that

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